The Absolicon company located in Härnösand, Sweden, and dedicated to producing solar panels, has looked for a way to automate its production line and for this it has teamed up with the ABB company, making the most of its robots to create results well above its form of usual work. To this day, thanks to these robots, they manage to manufacture a solar panel every six minutes, creating a great advance compared to the three daily robots that they produced in one day with manual labor.

By increasing the level of production, the absolicon company becomes one of the best solutions in what has industrial heating is concerned, offering efficient production, with great precision and with high profitability.

Joakim Byström, CEO of Absolicon, says: “We can carry out high quality and consistent production and thus enable us to reduce the costs of our solar panels and produce a global business, with the help in the production of ABB robots we can create for the first time once competition between conventional heating and solar energy ”. The Swedish company stands out among the most efficient in the production of parabolic solar collectors, reaching figures of up to 150 ° in heat and steam levels.

The ABB company is very pleased that the solutions that its robots provide directly benefit the increase in production speed, profitability and product quality by creating price competition. Absolicon can generate panels worldwide thanks to the help of our robots creating that robotics participate in the development of sustainable technology. We focus on enabling productivity in large numbers of solar collectors worldwide allowing heat to be generated directly from sunlight.

The next step in this project lies in the worldwide distribution of the automated production lines where the two companies ABB and absolicon will partner in production and marketing, to achieve the best possible development of this phase.

The first sale was made to a Chinese partner company creating large agreements to acquire the automated robotic production lines where ABB is the supplier of the robots for this and many more companies in more than 12 countries.