Machine for 3D Printing Concrete


The duo mix connect is a machine developed specifically for 3D printing, with a software and control unit that allows m2m communication between the hardware components. It is also rated as the best for 3D printing robots and is highly appreciated by customers worldwide. 3D printing using mortars as a medium has increased worldwide, and one of the most widely used methods is to extrude the mortar. Developers and private companies can choose from a variety of different printing systems.

  • Gantry printers
  • robotic arm systems
  • delta grippers
  • cranes
  • a kind of construction site caterpillar.

M-tec’s Duo Mix Connect is designed to guide the printhead to the required position and control its flow purposefully. It provides dynamic supply of mortar, consistent mixing quality, and consistency at different printing speeds. The King of Buildingsite is dedicated to Building 4.0 and the 3DCP.

The Duo Mix 2000 standard is widely used in the dry mortar industry. It is characterized by a consistently high quality in terms of mixing and pumping and a high reliability. However, the basic idea of the Duo Mix 2000 was different, as it was not focused on machine to machine communication, dynamic printing or capturing and evaluating data. Therefore, it is not possible to integrate the machine into a printing system without modifications, which requires an understanding of the machine in advance.

The Duo Mix Connect is a 3DCP printing system that requires setting constraints on the type of application and the hardware setup such as material, positioning system, controller, mixer and pump.The software and control unit, which allows a machine-to-machine (m2m) communication between the hardware components is equally important.

M-tec offers an open system that can be adapted to any printing system and provides a large freedom of design. This makes the technical adaptation of Duo Mix Connect obsolete, which would be necessary when adapting other machines to the large number of printing systems. Exact and reproducible positioning of the end effector (printing nozzle) and data acquisition and monitoring of process parameters are the foundation for dynamic printing.

The focus of the concept phase was to understand customer needs and create an open system. M-tec set the framework and basic parameters for material supply, as well as m2m communication, which runs on open hardware and software interfaces. On the customer side, the Duo Mix Connect provides the freedom of choice of sensor in an analog or digital way. It is possible to use 5 analogue and 5 digital inputs as well as 2 analogue and 2 digital outputs that can be wired via an coupling device. An OPC UA interface can also be used to control or monitor the digital signals with an RJ 45 Ethernet cable interface. This is the easiest way to plug’n play.

Remote control of the hardware interface is used to start and stop the machine digitally. The speed of the pump is adjusted with an electrical norm signal, and the user has a choice between a local switch for manual setting, the cleaning operation mode, and a remotely controlled mode. The water pump can be switched on manually for cleaning purposes, and the dry material probe can be switched off separately. Operating states can be viewed on the 4-segment display, and the speed of the mixing pump in local operation can also be adjusted manually. To scale up the printing system from single bag loading to Big Bag, Piccolo Silo up to 18 m3 Silo, the user has the freedom of choice.

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