In March, the structure anatomy exhibition was held in which the architecture firm SKidmore, Owins and Merril has carried out an assembly of a system made up of two robots from the Global Robots company in order to carry out the construction of a vault 7 feet high, 21 long and 12 wide, and created with transparent glass bricks.

This idea was carried out thanks to the desire of two people to provide a solution to the automation of the construction of parts with complex structures with a higher level of sustainability. The main people in charge of this demonstration are the architect Stefana Parascho and the engineer Sigrid Adriaenssens.

The sustainability of this system focuses on the eradication of the use of scaffolding during the process, and the reduction of materials that were needed by improving the efficiency of the structural part of the vault, which made it doubly curved. Undoubtedly two points in which robots and their precision play the most important role.

The main objectives of this project are focused on carrying out processes for which people cannot do it effectively, such as holding a heavy brick in one position without moving it while the glue dries. Contrary to popular belief, the project is not carried out with the intention of exchanging human talent for robots. Thanks to the advances in robotic technology, a great teamwork is achieved between the robot and the person, in addition, the risk of functions where a person can be in danger where access is difficult would be reduced.

The implementation of the robots helps to elaborate tasks with greater precision and to eliminate structures that humans usually used to create the designs, which expands the possibilities in terms of design and shapes. This also allows the focus to focus more on effective design development and avoid revision times to ensure correct block placement.

The robots would work in a coordinated way where while one places the next piece the other supports the structure, interspersing the functions. At the end of the arch, each robot is dedicated to working independently at one of the ends of the vault, ensuring its stability without even having finished. Each brick was placed so that it could hold the next brick.