In 2010, the London design festival was held in Trafalgar Square, where a series of robots located in the shape of an octopus has been installed and that, through a code, readers can configure their messages by expressing them in the air through the robots.

The responsibility was in charge of Kram and wreisshaar who called it “outrace” and is based on the composition of eight robots in the form of an arm combined with LED headlights of race cars, the Audi company was in charge of providing the robotic arms .

Through thousands of people have managed to interact with the installation, the cameras surrounding the robots broadcast a movie of the message and it is immediately uploaded to the website and YouTube.

From the Audi R15 cars, the LED technology that is connected to the robots from the head emerges. After receiving the information provided in the system, the group of robots translates the message into traces of light. These are immediately uploaded to the website and YouTube via the cameras around them.

The first Deezen readers to use the facility had the privilege of skipping the list whenever you wanted to send a message to the system, thousands of people have participated in this event. And they have had a totally new and different experience.