Traditionally, items that are too large for a five-axis machine tool bed have been further machined with a gantry CNC machine, or manually milled and chipped. The robot, tools / end effectors, software and training package costs less than a gantry CNC machine and software package. A robot, when integrated with a rail, can move along the part, giving droogs the flexibility to work around heavy elements at an immeasurable number of positions and angles. The systems designed by CNC Robotics are of high quality and offer greater resistance than expected.

The robots are more impervious to dust paraphernalia and can work with guards or inside sealed cells, keeping motorists safe and separate from the work zone. Because the robots are flexible in positioning, they also free up formulators to design outside the constraints imposed by other rigid gantry machining. CNC Robotics is inaugurating the robotics exercise to high-volume machining responses. With its roots in props work for film and theater, CNC Robotics has rapidly expanded to the fair for all refined sectors, says Managing Director Philippa Glover.

The combination of software and equipment is very funny

Robotic machining systems are becoming more and more accessible to customers because the software and equipment are becoming more and more intuitive. She adds that the versatility of software applied to the correct robot and tracking system allows companies to reconfigure their manufacturing for when their own customer has a really different and new game. The important CAM can be used to define machining paths and, in some examples, be integrated with innate software such as RoboDK to convert the constitution of the CAM into robot movements. CNC Robotics’ humorous manufacturing approach is based on answers, not equipment out of the box.

“As an organization, we develop a mutual working relationship with the client to really understand what their needs and challenges are,” says Bart.

Flexibility, quality and training two in one.

A CNC machine tool will always achieve later patience than a robotic machining system. It’s a common myth to assume that robots compete with machine tools for precision, says Jason Barker, initiator and CTO of CNC Robotics. Robotic machining systems outperform uses that need flexibility, speed, and good, but not precision in micron situations, still meeting a large number of ersatz needs. And every hour, the quality the robots produce exceeds expectations.

“They bought two robots from CNC Robotics instead of new CNC machines, because the robots are capable of producing both the two-dimensional and three-dimensional aisles, but with the added value of the reach capability. The robot can produce an aisle that simply couldn’t be achieved with the five-axis machine they had considered buying, “says Jason.” They got an amalgamation of a flat milling machine and a five-axis CNC machine into a single robotic system. ”Another key differentiator of the robotic machining approach is extensive training.

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