These statues are a unique attraction for tourists. The parade map guides you through beautiful Madison. Visit the college bookstore and see #GameDayBucky in her bib and Jump Around jersey for the Badgers football season. Or stop by Bascom Hall to see graduation as Bucky is wearing his hat and gown, ready to graduate. On Friday, August 17, statue number 85 of Crazylegs Bucky from the University of Washington Police Department was unveiled. Although the installation adds beauty to the city, the story behind this idea is particularly intriguing. 64 local and regional artists were selected to paint the statues to represent iconic people, events and places in Madison.

So where does the robot play a role? In order for artists to begin their work, the fiberglass statue was first painted with a white primer at Madison College. Although the actual art was drawn by hand, the primer was applied by FANUC robots. Seeing the work done behind the scenes to prepare the statue adds a unique perspective to the collaborative process. From design to fabrication, robot painting to hand painting, the Bucky family passed through the hands of a number of skilled workers and students before finally reaching their destination. Renee Kirchner, LAB Midwest Executive Director, said: “We are very pleased to have the opportunity to partner with Madison College on this important project. The results of the work are displayed everywhere in Madison, which is very beneficial to our entire team. “. and we are honored to participate in it. ”

FANUC paint robots are manufactured in its Rochester Hills, Michigan factory. They are the only industrial robot company with national manufacturing capacity. LAB Midwest, FANUC and the Paint Robot Integrator cooperate to provide robots to Madison College. The university is led by Peter Dettmer and Rick Jacobs and is the FANUC CERT school and the training base for FAST. It has one of the most advanced industrial robot initiatives in the country. LAB Midwest is honored to cooperate with Madison College on various projects.