Robotic automation is an important factor in the future of manufacturing, allowing companies to significantly increase production by assessing factors in the production process.

Fanuc has more than 2,000 robots installed on production lines. Providing customers with tried and tested products. Providing a wide variety of innovative solutions with CNC systems and industrial robots.

A success story is Cooper Tires, the flagship brand of parent company Cooper Tire and Rubber Co. Cooper Tires mold making plant is based in Findlay and currently designs and manufactures around 300 molds per year to produce tires for cars, minivans, SUV / CUV and trucks. Dan Duling is the Cooper Tires project engineer and oversees mold making operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and his 85 employees.

The company had little versatile equipment that included CNC equipment, with a vertical turning lathe, a saw and a wire EDM machining equipment. It sought to improve machine tools, overloaded manual processes, additional mold material costs, and renovate its systems.

He found the solution with an innovative manufacturing cell with four new Makino D500 five-axis vertical machining centers and a seven-axis FANUC robot.

By reducing the machinery required to machine tire molds, Cooper Tires has also reduced the aluminum it needed for the molds. And I took them to acquire “rings” or aluminum cylinders that were cut into eight machinable segments. What I generate a challenge and a greater expense of the molds.

By incorporating the Makino D500 five-axis system and the FANUC seven-axis robot, they eliminated the need to purchase the ring. And they replaced it with individual aluminum blocks for each segment. Providing a saving of processes and between e $ 300 to $ 400 in material per mold.

The software and the robot carry out the work continuously, driven by an NC program that is loaded and stored in the PRO6 control, and where it is directed by the MAS to carry out the tasks of loading the machines and starting the programs of the parts for the machining and product delivery on time.

The FANUC seven-axis robot provided flexibility of movement within the cell, in addition to the versatility to add other equipment and minimize the footprint of the cell.

Makino D500 CNC machines perform surface finishes so fine that virtually no manual finishing is required.

The PRO6 control, coupled with Makino’s SGI.5 (Super Geometric Intelligence) software and machine kinematics, allows Cooper Tires to switch between fast extraction speeds for roughing and more precision for finishing machining strategies.

Incorporating automation the company acquired Efficiency leading to cost savings in both time and materials and reducing downtime by up to 30% and has made its store more competitive with low cost mold makers on the market global.

Fanuc helps maximize manufacturers’ efficiency, reliability, quality and profitability with flexible systems and solutions ranging from the most powerful and user-friendly controls in the industry to high-performance control systems for complex machines.