The use of industrial robots in the creative field surprises us more every day, the development of new systems for the performance of tasks outside the industrial sector, is showing a new opportunity to see robotic automation as an ally for future projects.

Many artists take their knowledge to other levels that allow them to create their own robotic tools in order to explore and acquire new knowledge. Thus, the artist Victor Wong shows us his work with the AI ​​Gemini robot artist.

The artist has created an artificial intelligence (AI) robotic arm that creates his own paintings. It took Victor Wong three years to build and program the robot called AI Gemini and teach him artistic techniques.

The robot called AI Gemini, which uses the ancient Chinese art of shuimo to create its paintings, mainly using black ink and water.

Gemini paintings, made with an ink-loaded brush held by a robotic arm, paint watery-looking landscapes with very dense, dark contours. They manage to confuse the viewer because the work manages to create that effect of a work done by the human hand or a digital system.

Artist Wong’s education in physics and electrical engineering at the University of Washington was essential to this project, and his experience over three decades in creating digital and special effects for films, many of which have won international design awards.

AI Gemini has an unpredictable algorithm, that is, the artist Wong does not know what he will paint before starting. Its process takes an average of 50 hours to create a mix of landscapes on traditional fresh xuan paper made from bark and rice straw. First, that the artist taught Gemini how to use a brush, dip it in water and ink, make gray lines and dots. Later he used images. He also trained him to identify the best photographic angle so that his final works were original paintings rather than prints.

Because the machine can paint whatever it wants, in many works you can clearly see the landscape drawing, while others like The Fauvist Dream of Gemini look more abstract. Wong highlight that factors such as temperature and humidity can change the appearance of the paintings.

It took AI Gemini three years to build and program, Wong initially experimenting with converting the genesis of geological landscapes into a formula that ‘fed’ into Gemini’s ‘mind’, adding the ability to identify the best photographic angle. The result is that Gemini designed its own style.

Wong says, “I didn’t want my AI to copy me; I wanted him to learn from me. We feed on each other ”.