It is not the first time we have seen a robot painting, however what they have done in the AI ​​Painting Project is more “human” than other activities we have seen previously.

The task has been completed by people working at IBM Japan, the University of Tokyo and Yamaha Motors, it is an inventive idea that allows robots to “do crafts” using shading, materials and brushes.

This robot will be practically unveiled at SXSW 2021 as an element of the exhibition “Todai to Texas” (joke between today -now in English- and AI -Artificial Intelligence-).

In the video that we have posted on Twitter we can see how the robot’s arm holds the brush and stops before painting, the truth is that it is clearly looking for motivation. The result is not randomly produced paintings, but depends on factors customized by man-made brain innovation with every intention of making crafts in a loose way.

Right now he works with both acrylic paint and watercolors and also mixes the tone with water, so it does not take much creative mind to understand that in a couple of years they will really want to propose practical compositions absent from a lot of hell.

The complexity of the artwork can be controlled by giving the robot the guidelines that make up the last image. For example, limiting the robot to just 30 strokes will result in a more theoretical artwork, as opposed to using 300 strokes for a more sensible-looking artwork.

The review group is attempting to carry out a visual critique framework that allows the robot to see the composition in improvement, making human mediation and co-creation possible.

The trusted experts (eight people) work with AI, advanced mechanics and craftsmanship, all located in Japan.