AATB Study Practice for Non-Industrial Robotics, has designed a traditional Japanese watch, the Wadokei. They operate through a seasonal time system, with units of time that vary throughout the seasons and the length of days and nights.

Estudio AATB is a studio founded by Andrea Anner with a degree in Visual Communication, with a master’s degree in Art Direction and Typographic Design. And Thibault Brevet graduated in Graphic Design with a Master in Visual Arts and programming websites. The designers based AATB on a collaborative practice, developed around the idea of ​​non-industrial robotics, their research projects have been based on human-machine interactions through the lens of kinetic and interactive devices, experimenting with industrial robotic systems such as robotic arms and industrial automation processes.

The robotic sundial project, or (Sunny Side Up), takes a perspective on an ancient method of telling time based on the location of the sun. In this version the sun is replaced by an artificial light source that rotates in circles on a robotic arm. A heavy duty kuka robot and a Universal Robots UR10 collaborative arm were used in the prototype.

The robotic arm is programmed to carry a trajectory conserving the light in the correct direction.

AATB EXPLAINS, The sundial part is a simple steel rod turned on a lathe and placed perpendicular to a wall. A robotic arm sits on the rod and is programmed to move around the rod in a controlled manner to maintain its distance. An Arduino-based controller handles the brightness of the LED lamp, so that it brightens and dims as it crosses the curve.

In an interview the designers explain part of the process.

Thibault Brevet explains, “In addition, we developed an aluminum heat sink that can be connected directly to the robot and an interface circuit board that allows us to control and dim the light directly from the robot program. Lastly, we machined and polished a aluminum rod that casts the shadow on the wall “.

Andrea Anner commented, “We were attracted to the possibility of defining virtual joints with robotic arms moving objects in space as if they were physically attached. The project raises questions about the value of artificial nature and our growing disconnection with the environment, while proposing a contemplative use of robotics to reflect on space and time ”.

This artistic industrial project aims to raise questions about the relationship we have with the planet.