There are now robots capable of expertly constructing specialized carpentry tasks. Robots may one day prove to be invaluable assistants, particularly for newcomers to the workforce.
Users can determine what type of furniture they want to make using a computer-aided design (CAD) system, including size, sturdiness, and overall aesthetics.
As is the case with MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) has developed robots that can build unique woodworking projects. Like the AutoSaw robotic technology, it aims to bridge the gap between mechanical build quality and distinctive customization.
AutoSaw and is made up of two parts: design software and semi-autonomous robots
The AutoSaw begins to work once it has been programmed. AutoSaw can cut wood into any shape or size using a modified Roomba with an attached jigsaw. The CSAIL team used two youBot Kuka to cut. The youBots pick up a wooden beam and place it on the chop saw, where it is cut.
Soft grippers have been added to the robots to give them more flexibility, similar to that of a human carpenter.
Users still have some tasks to complete. Only the various items of furniture can be built by the AutoSaw; the user still has to put everything together, that is to say that he has to configure the workspace for the robots: place the wood and the benches.
Our goal is to make furniture personalization widespread, says the project’s co-director, doctoral student Adriana Schulz. We are trying to expand the range of options available to users so that they are not limited to what they have bought at Ikea. Instead, people can create whatever is most appropriate for them.
Robot-assisted carpentry could make carpenters’ jobs easier and cheaper. It’s a good middle ground between zero automation and manufacturing that doesn’t need humans at all. And it’s potentially safer, since robots would do the dangerous work of sawing the wood.
Given the complexity required for even basic activities like training a robot to insert a new cartridge into a nail gun, it still has a lot of technology to build on.

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