This is the concept behind Out of Order, a folding LED lamp designed by Dutch studio BCXSY and Atelier Robotiq, a Rotterdam-based company that uses industrial robotics to create lighting fixtures and furniture. Off Duty is dedicated to evoking the outcome of an uncontrollable computing mind.

Out of Order has a tubular body composed of a network of delicately woven fibers. They were made by an ABB industrial robot programmed to rotate the resin reinforcing wire around the mandrel.

However, midway through the spinning process, the pattern began to deform in unexpected and increasingly random ways. The twist lines are induced by a specially designed “coding” algorithm that sends a signal to the fiber to deviate from its direction.

They were adjusted at various points and interrupted the robot’s programming. This means that as the robot arm moves up and down on the chuck, its movement becomes increasingly irregular.

Once the cylinder is covered with threads and the resin has cured, a manual worker removes the mesh from the cylinder and adds LED light poles and hardware.

The result is that the displayed pattern appears uniform in some places and fuzzy in others. Inside the screen is a single LED light bar.

The designer believes that by using only thin cables to connect the lamps to the ceiling, the clutter gives the impression of “three-dimensional lines of work hanging in space.”

The luminaire is based on an early design by Atelier Robotiq in Rotterdam, whose fiber-patterned lights are woven by robots.

Cohen and Yamamoto said: “The unpredictable interlocking modes give the impression that the robot has developed its own ideas.” “They create a fascinating optical illusion and make each lamp truly unique.”
Los fundadores de BCXSY el estudio interdisciplinario con sede en Ámsterdam del diseñador israelí, Boaz Cohen y Sayaka Yamamoto diseñador Japonés, dijeron: En el campo de la tecnología de bobinas industriales, se cree que los robots son la mejor combinación para movimientos complejos y alta precisión”. “Son confiables, siempre están disponibles y lo mismo se puede repetir una y otra vez proporcionando gestos precisos.