Korean-American tech investor Jung Lee is building a high-tech art production studio, Miralab, and is using robots to help artists realize their dream projects on a large scale. The former banker established his own gallery “Ren Space” in 2013 and once showed Zhang Peili to artists. He now plans to provide support projects for artists that require the use of proprietary software for processes such as mechanical milling and rapid large-scale metal 3D printing.

Miralab, a digital robotics studio in China that can help artists fulfill their visions. Miralab is the first case in China. Integrating industrial robots and adapting them to specific artistic creations requires years of in-house coding and programming.

Lee hopes to offer Chinese artists the same level of installation without having to bear the burden of high shipping and import costs. While traveling with artists Zhang Peili and Yang Zhenzhong, Mr. Lee visited studios made by artists like Jeff Koons and Yayoi Kusama, and then settled in Hong Kong this year with 9 Employees. He plans to open a 9500-square-foot factory in Songjiang District, Shanghai in 2021. Where he plans to adapt tools

The project Lee suggests ensures to provide turnkey solutions spanning manufacturing and distribution, Lee believes that the high-cost structure of many galleries is unsustainable due to their location in expensive real estate. The outbreak of the pandemic has destroyed the traditional model of the art exhibition, so the distribution of the art industry is ripe for major changes.

Lee hopes that Chinese artists will be inspired to deepen the design of new artistic works incorporating new technologies and can be an ideal ally for artists.

Lee also hopes to change the traditional relationship between artists and galleries and expand his vision with robotic tools and innovative methods for Chinese artists.

Miralab in Shanghai will have robotic technology where it can carve stones and a fast 3D printer that can be used with materials that include metals.

Lee commented, “Miralab invites stakeholders from within and outside the art world to cooperate with us to deepen China’s artistic ecosystem. We will partner with galleries, art fairs and other distribution platforms, as well as educational institutions.”