Technology innovation has led to the startup “Moi Composites” in collaboration with Autodesk, Owens Corning, Osculati, Cat Marine, Mercury Marine, Micad and UCINA. to overcome a challenge with the crafting of the MAMBO (Motor Additive Manufacturing Boat) 3D printed fiberglass boat. Innovative marine engine additive manufacturing is made from continuous fiberglass thermoset materials to form a trimaran with a bright blue hull.

The advantages of using new technology in this project such as 3D printing and additive manufacturing allowed the development of the project to be carried out in a shorter time, cost savings, flexibility and creativity of the same compared to traditional methods.

MAMBO uses Moi’s proprietary “Continuous Fiber Manufacturing (CFM)” 3D printing technology for 3D printing, which means it is remarkably solid, strong and lightweight. CFM consists of the production of generation algorithms that are sent to KUKA Quantec’s high-precision robots so that they have ascent and high mechanical performance in 3D printed parts.

The robot places the fibers with thermosetting resin to increase the efficiency of the manufacture of parts and models that have characteristics similar to glass fibers that are transmitted in a certain direction. The finished finished product does not require models, molds or tool kits.

The three-dimensional boat measures 6.5 meters long, 2.5 meters wide and 800 kg dry weight. It also includes luxury leather seats, a functional navigation system, cork flooring and a 115 hp engine. The hull of the boat is made of an inverted tricycle design. Large pieces are printed and then joined together in a “sandwich structure”, thus eliminating any separation between the hull and the deck.

Gabriele Natale, CEO and Co-founder of Moi Composites commented. “We participated in the Genoa Boat Show in 2017, and it was during this event that we came up with the idea of ​​making MAMBO. First we saw the project take shape, then we gave it life and finally MAMBO reached the sea today “.

I also comment that we use 3D printing boats to enhance the concept of personalization by creating and adapting to the unique design of the owner’s mind, so that everyone has the opportunity to understand and experience the ocean in their own way. Without the support of our partners, none of this would happen and they believed in this magnificent project.