Fanuc is also part of this generation of robotic arms that are part of creativity.

The Artemis Vision project, a machine vision solutions provider that uses industry-leading hardware and software engineering to optimize processes. They try to explore new and novel ways to test and develop skills while having a little fun in the process. A small sample of computer vision using Open CV, for facial recognition, edge detection and image-to-path for a FANUC 200iD robot to draw a portrait.

A demo was designed that captures a person’s face image using open CV face detection, then creates a contour map and sends it to the FANUC robot. The robot translates the map by drawing the person’s portrait. It takes about 3 minutes to make the image. Image capture and control is done from an iPad using Mira and Max / MSP. had its demo presentation at the Rocky Mountain BEST Robotics Competition for High School Students on the Auraria campus in Denver in October 2014.

This creative project has been exhibited in one of the largest cultural complexes in the world. allowing the public to interact as inspiration. the robot scans the faces and then gives its point of view through a drawing captured on a blackboard that is erased in order to scan a new face.

This vision system applies to factors such as 3D Imaging, Alignment, Deep Learning, Flaw Detection, Sizing, Tracking and Localization

Artemis Vision says. “Robotics has made breakthroughs in various industries, including the art world, so we combine FANUC robot engineering and technology with creativity. Our engineers programmed the system to detect and capture the complexity of the face and draw it with maximum precision and creativity possible. “