KUKA, a global provider of intelligent automation solutions for the abrasive industry, gave us one of the most beneficial solutions for the industrial sector. It is a solution to automate the grinding process combining it with the precision of KUKA robots and 3M grinding tools.

The business of this collaboration is to cover the whole world, with the aim of providing customers with prefabricated solutions for their industrial polishing needs, making the workplace safer, more productive.

This solution can be applied in grinding tasks. It can even be adapted to different industries including automotive, metal fabrication, aerospace, and parts like metal housings, shelves, furniture, and auto parts with visible welded joints.

We speak of Ready2_grind an automated grinding solution, it provides the perfect solution to help compensate for human labor to be able to meet and meet high demands.

Ready2_grinds can achieve stable production and maximum efficiency allowing manufacturers in the welding industry to increase productivity and accuracy.

Scott Barnett, Applications Engineering Manager – Robotic Abrasive Processing at 3M. “The applications are mainly grinding and mixing of welds. The optimal welds would be button corner welding, where customers want to remove the weld and achieve a certain finish before, perhaps, painting or any other post-processing they may have. ”

Ready2_grind uses KUKA’s KR60 robot this versatile six-axis industrial robot has medium load capacity and optimizes space for factory efficiency, together with its controller and 3M tools, With the help of 3M tools, at end of the KUKA robotic arm providing abrasive parts for tools, ready2_grind perfectly represents the two innovative companies coming together and looking for effective integration methods.

Pat Duda, Senior Applications Engineer at KUKA Robotics, commented:

“The KR60 has an ideal reach of approximately 2.5 meters to cover most grinding applications such as weld grinding and cast iron grinding.” “The mechanics are extremely stiff and the trajectory and speed performance are really stable too. That produces really consistent results. ”

The ready2_grind system includes everything you need to reap the benefits of automated welding and polishing, from hardware, software and application support provided by 3M and KUKA. ready2_grind can help you increase performance while improving part stability