A Korean robotic arm with one hand as the final tool, can play notes on a keyboard using finger motion.

This project has been designed by researchers from the Korean Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM), to manipulate objects and tools. This robot has a variety of skills including playing the piano.

Easy to install on various robotic arms, this hand provides the strongest grip in the world, can withstand its own weight, and has four fingers and 16 joints, which can even mimic human structures.

The design of the robot hand illustrates the size and function of a human hand. The motor unit built into the palm controls the movement of each of the 12 motors and four numbers, with a total of 16 joints. This allows figures and joints to move autonomously, and the hand can hold objects weighing from 1 kg to 3 kg.

The researchers equipped the manipulator with touch and force sensors in the fingers and palm, which can measure and adjust the direction and magnitude of the force when the hand is in contact with different objects.

This project is guided by Dr. Hyunmin Do, Principal Investigator of the Robotics and Mechatronics Department at KIMM, the project hopes to help workers in industrial sites and help people with their daily routine.

Also commented; “The robot hand was developed to handle various objects, including the tools of everyday life, mimicking the delicate movement of a human hand.”

“It is also expected to be used as a research platform to study the robot’s hand grip algorithm and manipulation intelligence.”

Every day we can see that many investigations with new technologies allow us to cover more applications, in this case musical entertainment through a robotic hand.