The creation of a project to investigate the emotional interactions between humans and robots. And it is a fact. This project was developed by Medialab Tabakalera and Tekniker (the main technological research center specializing in Advanced Manufacturing technologies in the Basque Country); dedicated to innovation-robotics together with the artists and creators of the Varvara & Mar project who investigate social changes and the impact of the technological era.
The project called Dream Painter is an interactive robotic installation that, from a creative point of view, addresses the issue of trust between humans and robots.
It is a system that incorporates an industrial robot in which visitors can communicate their dreams and then the robotic unit “paints” a mural based on their perception.
This art project is made up of multiple components: an interface station, a painting robot, a kinetic and animated mechanism that moves the paper roll when a drawing is completed, and a creative program that transcribes a word into a drawing using artificial intelligence. The robot uses eight different colors to paint.
The collaborative research and production process has a significant impact on creativity and innovation in the concept of art, science and technology.
This type of development generates new perspectives and suggests alternative scenarios for the future, generating new information, providing alternative interpretations of reality.
The story is transmitted to the robot through a microphone, which the person approaches to share their dream. As you listen, this big robotic tool goes to work, selecting colored markers and turning the dream into a drawing with its big arm. On a white canvas.
It is vital to remember that if the story is ambiguous, the artwork will also be undefined.
A complicated system of algorithms allows the modern robot to “understand” what each person is saying to it. This system aims to combine artistic talent and technological innovation.
This can be a form of communication that generates greater trust between robotic systems, artificial intelligence and the human being.

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