Peter Lang, a German painter and printer best known for his semi-abstract landscapes, has created a beautiful new 3D printed sculpture that combines art and technology. Obtaining an automated sculpture.

Lang made 46 different sketches over a six-month period while preparing to build the sculpture.

The 18-foot-long hanging artwork, dubbed the “Silent Orchestra,” “Silent Orchestra,” was inspired by the organic shape of hornets and wasp nests. A honeycomb design is created by placing a large number of nature-inspired tubes in a honeycomb pattern that actually has sound-absorbing properties.

Artist Peter Lang collaborated with the robotic arm printer to manually inject the printing ingredients with colored grains.

The individual images were digitally processed to create a portable 3D model. The digital file provides the path for the robotic arm printer equipped with an extrusion nozzle that applies the material layer by layer.

To get the solid sculptures Associated in Nursingd layers absolutely parallel over the full height of the object, the 3D event engineers company Additive Tectonics, programmed the tool that allowed the extrusion nozzle to pass through the entire object without ever crossing its own path that it could produce an unwanted overlap.

To get his individual layer coloring done, the creator worked on board the mechanism printer along the extrusion method by hand applying colored granules. The entire development section took 2 months.

The work was commissioned to achieve a noise abatement result within the client’s conference area, therefore Lang worked together with acousticians from Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences. The rough and fibrous surface of the process, together with the pure bionic mathematics of the art object, provided the intended sound optimization effect.

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