The NISKA team the first ice cream parlor in Australia with exclusive Robots staff

has opened an exclusive Melbourne ice cream bar on Fed Square in Melbourne CBD. Where three robotic assistants serve ice cream; Pepper, Eka and Tony.

NISKA is a technology start-up, operated and registered in Australia. All of our development, advancement, testing and design operations are conducted in Australia.

Niska Co-Founder and CEO Kate Orlova mentioned that the company was committed to modifying the retail experience in Australia, and that this ice cream bar is the first to teach the technology.

Orlova said, “her robots were not created to replace traditional roles. Rather, they were designed to enhance * the overall customer experience.”

“Robots do not have the possibility to replace humans. Robots are great for repetitive tasks, like grabbing ice cream. This frees up staff to focus on customer service while serving the ice cream. ”

How does it work?

Pepper was developed by the Japanese company Soft Bank, this humanoid type robot receives orders for ice cream. It is the popular robot and with the ability to play with humans. She takes orders and recommends users to follow the store’s Instagram

Tony is a (cobot Yumi from ABB) and Eka is a (kuka LBR iiwa) they do the hard work of serving and assisting

The venture, which was developed for three years. Niska worked together with the robotics companies ABB, KUKA and Soft Bank Robotics; Engineering Company Special Patterns; UNSW; and Phosphor.

The robotics consultancy was in charge of Greg Sale, director of the consulting firm Manufacturing,

Technology & Marketing.

Niska upholds the criteria with good Australian taste, she has ensured that the ice cream served in the store is gourmet and artisan ice cream made in Australia.

Orlova says sustainability is an important issue for the business, which is why they chose bowls made from clear polycarbonate. Niska has a recycling collection container, the information in the store invites customers to classify the garbage (bowls) in the respective container to ensure correct recycling.

Niska is currently finalizing her work at Fed Square and is preparing like her groundbreaking technology to showcase this Australian-owned technology in the United Arab Emirates.