Upon completion of the first phase of the project, MASK Architects is seeking a partner capitalist to carry out the project and is working on a mutual agreement with MX3D for the joint participation of the companies in the construction.

The “Madre Natura” project

MASK architects have been inspired by the Italian sculptor Costantino Nivola and his famous sculpture “La Madre” in planning their Madre Natura habitat. The project includes the construction of a modular-style urbanization located on the side of the Orani mountain. Madre Natura sits near the Nivola Museum, and will become a “living landmark” harmoniously integrated with its surroundings. The event will encompass multiple cordiform white dwellings with central “energy towers” that mimic the top of the La Madre de Nivola sculpture.

The EXOSTEEL body cladding

MASK Architects aims to build the houses by inserting a hollow center column one third of the height of the structure into the ground, which can be reinforced with wooden beams that support the three floors of the house as the project progresses from implementation. from design to the reality of construction. The EXOSTEEL 3D printing steel body cladding construction system, combining MX3D’s 3D printing technology with KUKA’s robotic arm, is used to create every home. MX3D’s additive wire arc fabrication technology is designed to work with industrial robots and power sources to transform them into 3D printers using the directed energy deposition 3D printing technique. The company has already demonstrated the capabilities of its WAAM technology by 3D printing a stainless steel bridge in the center of Amsterdam.

MASK Architects is looking for an investor to take the project to the next level, so the technology and style still require some refinement before Madre Natura becomes a reality. If successful, Madre Natura can offer a powerful benchmark for WAAM’s potential capabilities within the construction sector.

3D printed housing is yet to come

As the measurability of 3D printing for construction continues to improve, the technology is increasingly being leveraged for enterprise and neighborhood home construction. The structures were designed in conjunction with the company’s Crane WASP 3D printer using fully renewable materials, in balance with WASP’s mission to develop digital manufacturing processes that advance the principles of the circular economy. The image shows a render of the houses written in 3D in the Madre Natura urbanization.

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