Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes it possible for machines to learn from past experiences and stimuli. It has created robots and machines currently capable of participating in numerous fields. This contribution has been considered of great importance to mankind. As technology advances, researchers are developing new and better forms of AI that can be easier and cheaper to use.

A team of researchers based primarily in Japan has been poised to develop a steam-powered robot with AI capable of performing fine art. Eight members from IBM Japan, National Capital University and Yamaha Motors were able to develop this robot that is currently ready to paint. The team members share their expertise in machine learning, AI and art.

This was done within the framework of the AI Painting Project that successively was made to increase the creative thinking of machines within the digital age. This explicit project makes it possible for the robot to make numerous works of art while using colors, canvas and a brush.

The team is also devising further developments that will allow the robot to check the progress of its painting, which can be done by exploiting a visual feedback system. After further development, it is hoped that human intervention and collaboration will be possible. The team is hopeful that the final painting product formed by the Synthetic Intelligence (AI) will have the ability to introduce the world to a completely different kind of art and aesthetics created by machines.

This Robot is programmed to make a piece of art supported by the number of brush strokes. The Robot can also be educated to develop a selected final image. This helps determine the complexity of the painting.

Since the Robot is programmed to employ a certain variety of brush strokes, the user will instruct it to make a selected art form. For example, if the Robot is programmed to use only thirty brush strokes, it will create an abstract style painting. Whereas if it is instructed to use around three hundred brush strokes, it will create an additional realistic cutout piece.

This robot is capable of painting like any human artist. The robot’s arm is set up to carry the brush like a human painter. The AI technology that has been used for this robot is based on the set of values that it uses while making art. So it will be said that the art items do not appear to be some random brush strokes.

The paintings created by the Robot are supported by the analysis criteria of “closest to the given concept”. The paintings are not randomly generated. It is able to exploit the art with the help of the brush and the colors provided to it. This robot is able to operate with each paint and watercolor. It also mixes the colors with water.

This robot is almost presented at SXSW 2021. It will be a locality of the showcase ‘Todai to Texas’. This robot and this idea can be a mix of AI, web of Things (IoT), art and robotics. The aim of the researchers is to develop an autonomous entity of inventiveness to enhance human creativity.

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