Much of the film industry consistently uses quality props, anything that represents original objects to bring life to life in adventure, fantasy, and fiction films.

Robocarv the English company, specialist in milling, 3D scanning and CNC modeling uses an automation system based on a KUKA milling robot.

The method of creating accessories and decorations can be time consuming and expensive, but Robocarv in England has a solution. The KR QUANTEC KR 210 L180 model turns polystyrene blocks into sculptures and utensils in just a few hours. Plastic is light and easy to handle in its natural form. When the figure is completed, a layer of special resin is applied to it. Hardening occurs and the material becomes strong enough to withstand any demands.

Robocarv takes a sustainable action by recycling the material after each injection by removing the protective layer and pressing the foam rubber before collecting new blocks. From an economic point of view, this adds to the appeal of the manufacturing.

Robocarv’s largest sculpture is a 15-meter tall lion made for the new film adaptation of the musical “Cats,” which recently opened in theaters. “There will still be things that need to be created by hand,” says Liam Carr, “but we use the precision of robotics to produce virtually flawless and geometrically accurate products.”

“There will still be accessories that need to be made by hand,” explains Liam Carr. However, we used the precision of the robot to produce geometrically precise and nearly flawless products.