Creativity has no limits, many artists have found a perfect tool to take their works to another level, technology and art together have managed to design and promote different artistic areas and shows where a robotic arm is included.

For a while we have seen how robots, artificial and digital intelligence have been incorporated into different creations, in this case the protagonist and inspirer is the UR10e universal robots collaborative robot.

The versatility of these cobots allows them to adapt to the environment, performing more safely, efficiently and precisely the movements to adjust to the requirements of a good interaction.

This is a pioneering project promoted by the Orquesta de Cambra de Granollers directed by Corrado Bolsi, the two arts of music and ceramics are linked through collaborative robotic technology; presented during the show Els elements.

The work chosen by the robot Orchestra is Symphony 59 (Fire) by Haydn. It is a work full of contrasts and emotion, very suitable for the implementation of two mechanical arms, it can produce relief in the clay while music is played, adapting to the composition.

Haydn, Rebel, Telemann and Béla Bartók are four reference composers who will perform, at the same time the two robotic arms on stage will begin to design a ceramic work live.

The combination of engineering and creativity allowed collaborative technology and sound analysis to have an impact that led music to become a tool to create a ceramic piece in real time.

The creative director of the project Toni Cumella and the programmers of the Instituto de Arquitectura Avanzada de Catalunya (Dubor A., ​​Chadha K., Rizzuti C., Yilmaz H.). They are responsible for giving life and meaning to the project, using tools such as a real-time interface (ROS), sound analysis (MAX-MSP) and generative design (GH3D).

They had the collaboration of Vicosystems, a collaborative robot integrator specialized in Universal Robots cobots.

Corrado Bolsi director of the Orquesta de Cambra de Granollers stated, “It is about doing something that remains for the future, going further and doing a performance that brings us closer to nature, which is the common thread of the new season of the orchestra ”

The resulting piece was exhibited at the TAG after the concert.

We can only wait for the artistic innovations where these flexible teams will make their next presentation to surprise us once again.