The optimization of production lines today are a requirement to stay competitive in the market. The case is no different for the loading and unloading process: it is a strenuous and repetitive task that must be automated to cover its productive capacity.

There are several automation alternatives for the field of loading and unloading of parts, currently the manufacturers of automated solutions have designed industrial robots with the idea of ​​developing basic operations that are contemplated within the concept of automated loading and unloading.

Loading the machine with this application, you must take into account the payload and the scope, to select the appropriate robot that fits your need or existing components and integrate an end of arm tools that are compatible with your machine and product. The robot will provide precision and skill for handling parts of different sizes and weights.

Unloading of heavy products is one of the tasks that turns out to be quite difficult, slow and risky for the operators, like the modeling of plastic and die casting. A robot in this line favors a healthier work environment for employees by minimizing repetitive movement and, in the same way as the previous case, there must be compatibility.

The machining application is the best example of using robotic automation successfully, a work cell with an industrial robot, suitable end effectors, a vision system and software, create a productive team that results in increased production , optimal performance and greater system efficiency.

The automated robotic loading and unloading is a feasible solution for many small and medium-sized companies, the current systems are easy to operate even for those with minimal production.

Automated machine loading and unloading systems have great benefits such as:

Provide higher performance, load and unload parts with continuous speed and minimal maintenance.

Optimal process flow and better use of operator time.

They can process a wide range of part sizes causing minimal product damage.

Faster and easier configuration without prior programming knowledge adjusting to changes and demands.

Robotic systems are adaptable and relocatable for different process changes in the future.

Lower investment and high ROI return.Un punto importante en los sistemas de carga y descarga robotizados, es la seguridad muchos equipos de última tecnología incorporan dispositivos de detección de área de seguridad cuyo objetivo es verificar la velocidad y ubicación para no tener que usar hardware de seguridad, asi el operador puede trabajar de la mano con el brazo robótico ocupándose de las tareas más complejas garantizando la seguridad del trabajador y del producto.