Stromae is a Belgian singer, songwriter and producer who has developed his career in hip hop and electronic music. Belgian superstar Stromae is best known for his ambient compositions that address contemporary concerns. His music, with electronic roots and influenced by rap and world music, emphasises the human being. Her most recent album mixes several musical genres and features a variety of influences, such as Persian Ney flutes, Latin American themes and Bulgarian women’s choirs. Stromae’s unparalleled mastery of music demonstrates his ability to capture the intricate details of everyday life.

Stromae emphasised robots as the main motivation for his performance in July 2022. Ten robots, five on the floor and five hanging from the ceiling, choreograph the movements. The images on the screens create arcs that surround Stromae and his orchestra like a huge tableau. Video clips, light shows and an avatar of Stromae dance alongside the real model to deliver one of today’s most avant-garde stage shows. The KUKA robots integrate seamlessly into the show and coordinate with the giant LED screens to create an impressive stage show. For Vendome Robotics, KUKA’s integration partner on this project, it was a challenge to design a system that would allow the stage to be set up and dismantled quickly and safely, including the robots of course.

In 2022, Stromae toured the United States and Canada, playing to packed houses at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

The Multitude Tour, which kicks off on 4 March in Bordeaux, has KUKA as its sole sponsor. With local performances in Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain and Italy, Stromae and his band will tour France and Europe. Stromae’s song “Alors on danse” has achieved worldwide fame, and he is now touring Europe with Multitude from March to December 2023. The tour features KUKA robots moving large LED screens, as shown in a video.

By the end of its two-year Multitude Tour, more than 90 set-up and dismantling operations will have been completed. The set can be dismantled and reassembled in the next concert city in less than 24 hours. The structure was provided by the KUKA subsidiary in France, which is currently the first point of contact for the maintenance of the robots. Vendôme Robotics in Paris is the integrator for the programming and choreography of the robots with huge LED screens, and two other KUKA robots are available as spare parts.

The robots are not only used to assist the tech-savvy artist, but are also thematically incorporated into the performance as a fixture. Throughout the performance, Stromae frequently incorporates robotic components into her set design in the form of quick clips and artwork. Moving screens are a key component of this staging, and KUKA robots control them to ensure flawless staging.

This innovative technology meets the high demands of touring and provides the artists with a safe and efficient environment.

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