The Makr Shakr robotic arm system was specially designed in Italy for the Dubai Club and was launched as part of the Cavalli Club’s 10th anniversary celebration at Fairmont Dubai.

Cavalli is the first in the region and has an advanced robotic arm to make “extremely accurate” mixed drinks.

The robot bar can prepare up to 60 mixed drinks in one hour. You can buy a drink at the bar and receive a coupon, enter the drink you want on the iPad, confirm the ticket number and the robot will start preparing your drink. The display on the back will tell you when the drink is made, afterwards the robot will clean the shaker thoroughly after each drink.

They work in front of your eyes without any human intervention. A quite suitable robotic solution in the current situation. Where the means of payment and service complies with sanitary restrictions.

Two kuka robots with advanced motion control were used and apply maximum precision when making each mix in millimeters of the drinks. Emphasizing that the kitchen robot includes artificial intelligence technology.

Hotel robotics is just one more step in the ongoing technological transformation of hotels around the world.

This is a company built by the architect Carlo Ratti in Turin, Italy. Makr Shakr Srl. Ratti as the CEO of the same Emanuele Rosetti, are very positive about the impact that robotics will have in the hospitality industry.

Another Rosetti business point is the importance of information. As Makr Shakr becomes a leader in restaurant technology, it is also constantly moving forward to unify robotics and artificial intelligence.

The restaurant environment is much more demanding so they have had to overcome great challenges and have done so successfully through robotic solutions.

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