KUKA KR210 R2700 KRC4

The KUKA KR210 R2700 PRIME industrial robot offers a compact, robust design for safety, durability, and lightweight operation. It maintains balance between load capacity and reach, making it ideal for spot welding processes. It offers optimal cycle times, acceleration, precision, minimal maintenance, high assembly performance, and energy efficiency.

The KR C4 is a revolutionary Kuka controller that offers a powerful, safer, more flexible, and intelligent foundation for automation. It reduces costs for integration, maintenance, and servicing, while increasing long-term efficiency and flexibility. KUKA has developed a clearly-structured system architecture focusing on open data standards, allowing integrated controllers like SafetyControl, RobotControl, MotionControl, LogicControl, and ProcessControl to share a joint database and infrastructure intelligently.

The KR C4 is a user-friendly control system that offers simplicity in planning, operation, and maintenance. It utilizes PC-based control technologies, allowing quick and easy operation with familiar operator control concepts. The system includes safety, robot, Logic, Motion, and ProcessControl, with real-time communication between processes. It also features a central basic service for data consistency and seamless integration of safety technology for new fields. The KR C4 is future-compatible without proprietary hardware, supports multi-core processors, and offers fast communication via Gigabit Ethernet. It features a new fan concept for energy efficiency, maintenance-free cooling without filter mats, and high performance in the smallest possible space.