KUKA KR180 R3100 K KRC4

The KR180 R3100K is an industrial robot with six axes, a payload capacity of 180mm and an arm range of 3,100mm. It is suitable for general handling, arc welding, and machining operations with short time cycles. The KR C4 is a revolutionary Kuka controller that provides a strong foundation for automation, reducing costs for integration, maintenance, and servicing. Its system architecture focuses on open and powerful data standards, allowing integrated controllers like SafetyControl, RobotControl, MotionControl, LogicControl, and ProcessControl to share a joint database and infrastructure intelligently.

The KR C4 is a simple control system that offers continuous service-proven PC-based control technologies, quick operation, and user-friendly path programming. It is highly compatible with previous programs for the KR C2, and includes safety, robot, Logic, Motion, and ProcessControl in a single system. Real-time communication and central basic services ensure data consistency. The system also includes an integrated software firewall for network security and innovative software functions for energy efficiency. It is designed for 400-480 VAC and offers scalable performance, fast communication via Gigabit Ethernet, and integrated memory cards for important system data. The KR C4 is designed for high performance in the smallest possible space and maximum availability.