The KUKA KR 600 FORTEC is a heavy-duty robot that can handle components weighing up to 600 kilograms with ease. for 2826mm of extension. It has a more streamlined design compared to older models. It is ideal for heavy load jobs and offers high performance and maximum production quality thanks to its versatility, power and state-of-the-art kuka technology. It has minimum maintenance costs and protection level IP65 and IP67.

On the other hand, the KR C4 is Kuka’s latest breakthrough in robot control technology. It integrates Robot Control, PLC Control, Motion Control (for example KUKA.CNC) and Safety Control. All controllers share a database and infrastructure which makes automation simpler and more powerful – today and in the future. The KR C4 software architecture ensures simple and powerful automation. It is simple to plan, operate and maintain with quick and easy operation thanks to continued use of familiar operator control concepts. It has high compatibility with previous programs for the KR C2. It has safety, robot, logic, motion and process control in a single control system. The real-time communication between the dedicated control processes ensures maximum data consistency. It has seamless integration of safety technology for entirely new fields of application. The integrated software firewall provides greater network security. The innovative software functions optimize energy efficiency. The technology platform is future-compatible without proprietary hardware. It supports multi-core processors for scalable performance with fast communication via Gigabit Ethernet.