The Agilus KR6 R900 is a small six-axis payload robot, 6 kg x 900mm, with outstanding speed and accuracy, suitable for applications with short cycle times. Equipped with the KR C4 compact robot control system, it requires only one phase and can be plugged into a home electric system, making it ideal for research and robotics training. The compact control box contains all the powerful KR C4 functions.

The KR C4 is a revolutionary concept by Kuka, offering a powerful, safer, more flexible, and intelligent foundation for automation. It reduces costs in integration, maintenance, and servicing, while increasing long-term efficiency and flexibility. KUKA developed a clearly-structured system architecture focusing on open data standards, allowing integrated controllers like SafetyControl, RobotControl, MotionControl, LogicControl, and ProcessControl to share a joint database and infrastructure intelligently.