FANUC M410iB/450 R30iA

The M-410 series from Fanuc specializes in high performance palletization and handling with 450 kg load capacity and 3 m in arm reach. It offers a great work envelope and internal wiring through the wrist for safety. The industrial robot M-410iB / 450 is characterized by its hollow wrist that has internally installed the grip cables of the robot to avoid interference and provides greater reliability. The R-30iA features the R-30iA controller, which requires less than 1 minute to start and offers much better vibration control. It also has an USB interface in the front panel and a PCMCIA interface inside of the control cabinet. The FANUC iPendant is an intelligent teach pendant and is available as standard (except for PaintTool). Touch screen is available as option. Access via Ethernet to web sites is available and the FANUC iPendant can view status of peripheral equipment and other robots’ html web server pages.