ABB IRB 1200 IRC5 5/0.9

The IRB 1200 is a robot designed to be 15% smaller and 10% shorter than its predecessor. It has two payload variants: one with a payload of 7 kg and reach of 700 mm, and another with a payload of 5 kg and reach of 900 mm. It is suitable for a variety of applications and has IP40 protection as standard. It can also be used in cleanroom environments and has IP67 protection with options available for foundry environments. The robot is adaptable at any angle and offers a large work area usable on a compact surface. It is equipped with the latest IRC5 controller which supports the state-of-the-art field busses for I/O and is a well-behaved node in any plant network. The IRC5 controller’s motion control technology, TrueMove & QuickMove, is key to the robot’s performance in terms of accuracy, speed, cycle-time, programmability and synchronization with external devices. The RAPID programming language is used to program the robot. It is a truly unlimited language with hosts of advanced features and powerful support for many process applications.