Seoul, South Korea, is set to host the Robot Science Museum. The spherical structure of more than 8,000 square feet aims to promote public understanding of artificial intelligence and robots. Melike Altnşk Architects (MAA), the Turkish architectural firm responsible for famous structures such as the Küçük amlca radio and television tower in Istanbul, is building it.
MAA’s design approach focuses on developing an architectural language through the use of contemporary fabrication technologies and robotic construction methodologies. Robotic science is constantly changing and evolving. It is no longer limited only to the industrial or service sector, says Melike Altınışık, founder of MAA.
The construction process will require humans, robots will do most of the work. The metal sheets used for the exterior will also be shaped, assembled, welded and polished. To create the surrounding terrain, a different set of robots will 3D print concrete parts. Inspection of structures, delivery of visual references to customers and surveillance of the robotic construction vehicles will be carried out with the help of drones.
The project will be completed along with a photographic art museum, both of which will be a component of the Changbai New Economic Centre, which will serve as the cultural hub of Chang-future dong in the north of the South Korean city. The non-directional spherical shape of the plan has been conceptualised as a design tool to facilitate a variety of connections to public places while accommodating functional needs and comfort conditions.
Modern fabrication techniques and robotic construction techniques are reflected in the museum’s design. Under the supervision of BIM systems, robots will assemble the museum’s curved metal façade. Meanwhile, another group of robots will 3D print components of the surrounding landscape. Construction robots, service robots and exhibition robots can all work together seamlessly thanks to this semi-automated construction method.

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