A camera robot can film a movie scene dozens of times in exactly the same way, or handle precise and repetitive special effects movements. Robots are already appearing in applications such as entertainment stadiums and interactive point-of-sale sites.
Consider a group of robots that are designed to follow the operator’s commands, performing slow or fast camera movements depending on the needs of the film production. These robots can eliminate the need for human labour by completing all tasks accurately and automating the shooting process. Set designers can employ robots, as they can print 3D models and carve patterns for them, as we know that robots are programmed devices that can perform such jobs.
Robots are increasingly replacing tedious, mundane and labour-intensive tasks, helping industries to achieve automation. The use of robots in industries is increasing globally. One such innovation that has been gaining a lot of attention in the technology space for quite some time now is robotics.
Robots are becoming experts at their jobs as technology advances. Their ability to work without complaint 24/7 and meet high precision and efficiency demands makes them excellent employees.
Traditional and collaborative robots are making rapid inroads into the film industry because of their characteristics such as precision, repeatability and consistency.
As is the case for filmmakers, architects and digital fabricators, Bot & Dolly specialises in mechanical motion control arms with unique software. They have also designed a range of devices for art and entertainment installations, such as the Video Box.
Another example is the Milo motion control system, MRMC has established a reputation. They offer a wide range of motion control robotic arms that have been used in several films. Because of its mobility and quick setup, Milo has become a recognised name. In 35 minutes, you can have the complete rig set up and ready to shoot. Milo has appeared in a number of award-winning films, as well as making its runway debut at Paris Fashion Week.
The professionals are revolutionising the film business by combining extremely efficient robots with modern cinematic standards.

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