When we talk about milling or sculpting, many people find it hard to imagine a robot doing these jobs. We can see an illustration of the usefulness of this technology in areas such as the manufacture of sculptures or props for TV series or movie sets. The robot is capable of milling a wide range of materials, including high-density polyurethane and polystyrene plates.

The best way to produce scenery or sets, statues, mannequins, artwork or, indeed, to take any CAD project off the page and into three dimensions, is to use a highly adaptable robotic system.

The robotic system can be used for architectural fabrication and restoration, bas-relief engraving, creating decorative objects for indoors and outdoors, and designing signs and scenic elements.

Robotic systems can assist you in all phases of modeling, from grinding to finishing. The robot can achieve high levels of precision and accuracy when equipped with the right tools.

You can save a great deal of time in programming and machining because the techniques can be processed quickly and easily.