Hot wire cutting is a method for creating complex surfaces. Starting with foam panels, the process explored the potential for producing components that could be used as fa├žade panels in the construction sector.

Digital fabrication technology has made it possible in recent years to re-explore classic materials, with creative results. Foam and related materials are carved by hot wire cutting, a removal production process. By relying on straight wires, conventional machines can only produce piecewise ruled surfaces.

A hot-wire milling cutter created by scientists can be used for other cutting and milling tasks. For perfecting some shapes and prototypes, hot wire cutting works well. This process is more effective and efficient because of a flexible wire. Devices that cut objects using a hot wire. They usually cut different types of plastic, including Styrofoam.

Use an electrically heated wire cutting tool to reliably produce the ideal cutting conditions for shaping plastic foam, such as polystyrene. The headquarters must take into account the following elements: ideal machining software, wire temperature, input power, feed rate, cutting width and composition of the workpiece material.

With the robot’s ability to get much closer to the desired shape, this should shorten manufacturing times. At the same time, less material would be wasted.