Industrial robots a few years ago were confined in factories doing dangerous and repetitive work.Of course, at first it was the objective.However, the world advances and in the field of robotics and new technologies, innovations are the order of the day. .

There are already many industries that have targeted robotic automation, including the film industry where it has been seen in movies like Terminators where Fanuc robots were used to assemble an army or Amazing Spider-Man even in shows like America’s Best Dance Crew . Robots have already been designed with cinematographic applications such as MRMC Bolt that can surprise us with the repetition and control of movements in a single capture and perform incredible post-production effects.

The incursion of robotic systems to the film industry is already recognized. The event

The cinema5D virtual show is an occasion where new developments in cinematographic technologies can be appreciated. There he learned about a new open source software to control industrial robots.

Who was involved in the development of this new software?

Redrock Micro Company is dedicated to designing and marketing a line of high-quality film accessories for filmmakers with the clear purpose of bringing film-quality accessories to the market. at revolutionary prices.

Autodesk, is a corporation dedicated to software design, known as AutoCAD, and they develop a wide range of software for design, engineering and entertainment.

These two companies collaborated as part of their Maya program to help them improve a plugin called Mimic.

Mimic is a free and open source plug-in for Autodesk Maya that enables the simulation, programming, and control of 6-axis industrial robots.

The new Redrock Micro Eclipse system for Focus Iris Zoom (FIZ) robots is a wireless control system.

It is comprised of Atlas lens control motors with integrated control brains, a Portal USB interface for computer control only, and Portal Powered Hub that drives the Atlas motors.

This precisely focused and repeatable innovation was built from the ground up, using the same kind of real-time networks that power autonomous vehicles. To adapt the control of the lens with the movement of the robot, the Mimic plug-in and the Autodesk program Maya were used.

This lens control system can design a visual coupling of synchronized organic and natural lenses through Bezier curves.

Eclipse for Robots provides a great robotic precision independent of the robotic arm or motion control system, for this project the KUKA and USR robots were used.

The versatility of the system allows you to use your own open API to interact with any application that has or develops its own. Even all Eclipse rigs feature 15mm rods as standard and a 0.8 pitch gear. guaranteeing compatibility with almost all cameras and lenses on the market.