Mitsubishi participated in a futuristic presentation with industrial robots at a Metoa exhibition at Ginza in Tokyo

Where you could see the artistic creation where images were produced that interact to the sound of music, and the role of the robotic arms was performed with subtle movements synchronized with the music called Beauty in Motion “, produced by video artist Takahiro Matsuo.

Takahiro Matsuo. born in 1979. Graduated in Information Art and Design from the Kyushu Design Institute. He is an interactive artist who harmonizes personal action with CG images, sounds and lighting. This designer is currently dedicated to creating interactive spaces, such as in art installations and image advertising; He also runs concert halls and theaters.

The project made four interlocking scenes including several two-minute interactive videos coordinated with moving industrial robots. by two robots that assumed concepts like “SYNCHRONITY”, where the band of light shines in synchronization with the robot’s staff. The light becomes a group of butterflies that dance and advance to “PLAY WITH BUTTERFLY”. To continue with the next step “DYNAMICS”, in which the light particles dance according to the movement of the person standing in front of the image, and “RESONANCE”, where the public interacts with the robot to manipulate sound and images, one of the four scenes, people interact with the robots by operating their angle and launching white digital balls that travel on the screens and they bounce off colorful sticks. And finally “BEAUTY IN MOTION” creates an alternate world where there is collaboration robots, visual technology, human intervention. Designing a visual world through images. With the work of sixty-four 55 “LCD screens transporting you to a world of technology and art. Through four two-minute scenes, synchronized robots and images really make you rethink a new definition for art.

METoA is an acronym for Mitsubishi Electric: Touch of Advancement, which means “touch the future with Mitsubishi Electric”.

Mitsubishi Electric technology aims to create new value by connecting with art, tradition and diverse cultures. ”

Through this Metoa event in Ginza, Mitsubishi was able to publicize its developments in robotic solutions by giving visitors the chance to experience interactive art safely and practically.