The robots have been able to integrate into a wide variety of sawing, milling, drilling, polishing, engraving, facade cladding or sculpture processes without manual intervention.

Robots can create incredible, unique and personalized sculptures and crafts in a variety of materials and shapes. Recreating even allegorical images.

The way to give life to new artistic ideas is precisely to incorporate robotic technology with vision systems and 3D printing.

This is how Kern Studios, a company located in New Orleans, specialized in manufacturing and creative theming, has carried out large-scale works for parades and large celebrations, designing original and feasible concepts, combining traditional crafts and innovative technology.

This time Kern Studios had a big project to make sculptures and the floats used in the celebration of Mardi Gras. And it had to be done in record time, so he turned to Kuka robotics, who in turn put them in contact with the company Robotic Solutions (a company specialized in customizing robotic milling needs in materials such as foam and stone).

The purpose of Kern studios was to create sculptures using three-dimensional digital models by automating production.

How was the process automated?

The assembly system is based on a KUKA robot that incorporates a cutting tool. With the ability to have greater flexibility in dimensions when starting to manufacture the parts. The robot is installed on a rail that additionally carries a rotary table that works harmoniously with the robot, flexibly designing and manufacturing each part.

To program the robot, it was started from a three-dimensional digital model using a variety of programs that traced a series of movements for the robot, a complex configuration software was used where they programmed the orientation of the robot’s tool as well as the path to obtain the figure. .

As a result, a perfectly designed horse head was obtained, where the robot made different roughing touches before starting the delicate part of the sculpture.

Once again, robots are the right tool for large-scale projects that require great detail.