Collaborative robots are also being used in creative activities, remember that these cobots are designed to help humans complete their tasks and make them easier while always meeting safety and efficiency standards.

The robots have been optimized to work in strictly controlled conditions, among its great advantages is its compact, light and easy to install and configure designs, with great flexibility of movement thanks to its degrees of freedom, and what is more recognized their ability to work safely alongside humans.

It is precisely these advantages that made the robots from Universal Robots the leader in collaborative robots with high productivity and power. They were chosen by the designers of Espadaysantacruz is a hybrid creative studio, specialized in generating innovative interactive and visual experiences, to carry out an advertising campaign for the Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido for its new WASO line.

This project wanted to show the combination of robotic technology with nature creating a new concept of naturalness.

By combining the robots with photographs of flowers and vegetation, they were able to compare the results of the outstanding, subtle and precise movements of the robotic arm with the activity that occurs in nature.

Two UR robots were integrated into this project. One of them is the UR3 that manipulates a camera that captures slowly, gracefully and accurately every movement that plants and flowers make. Each shot was made from a distance of 1 or 2 meters for a period of 24 hours

The second robot is a UR10 that has a simulated sensor and a 3D printing tool built in that allows you to examine and observe the creation of a floating island covered in flora, colors and radiant shapes. it even captures the perfect movements that the awakening of nature performs

UR Marketing Manager for Southern Europe and MEA, Vincent Chavy, presents how he reached this creative application with collaborative robots from the UR series, working together with the designers of Espadaysantacruz.

“Robots are so easy to program that customers can do a lot of cool things without any training.”

“With the UR Academy, any small or medium-sized company can see how to use robots in advance, so they should not fear programming”

Nerea Goikoetxea, executive director and creative director of Espadaysantacruz Studio shares,

“Working with robots is always a challenge, but this collaboration with Universal Robots has revealed to us the simplicity and versatility of their robotic arms… so our adventure with robots has just begun! ”

In the campaign you can see an island finished by the robot that represents what the skin care company Shiseido WASO was looking for, to get the public’s attention in the use of natural products.

In this case collaborative robotics was applied to a creative project to change the concept of nature to the satisfaction of great result, which drives beauty with skin care.