The flexibility of 3D printing is superior to traditional boat building. Robots have the autonomy and precision to create any geometric shape imaginable that is not possible using other methods.

Robots are used to mill large components, create digital models and prototypes, and create yacht construction details. Large, complicated items can be produced with robotic milling at reasonable cost and with high precision. These foam blocks are precisely milled by the robotic arm using software (CAD, Sprutcam). They are pre-programmed in a 3D model, allowing the robot path to be precisely programmed and the milling process to be carefully modeled. Robots with HSD spindles and linear positioners that automatically change tools. The precision and time savings offered by this type of milling allow for rapid design review and prototyping, greatly reducing production times with the use of robotic arms.

Other advantages of the system include real-time curing without the need for specific molds.