In the milling process, a high-speed rotary milling cutter is used to remove excess material and achieve desired shapes and features.

In the machining of complex parts, it has become an important method of material removal, making an effort to give a complete and organized review of robotic milling of complicated components.

For a number of applications, such as sculpture robotic machining systems are combined with machining spindles to provide modular and adaptable machining systems.

By first removing the physical component from the solid block of material, the robotic milling system creates the 3D model.

The systems created by robotic machining can sculpt a wide range of materials, from soft foam and wood to hard stone such as granite. In the sculpting sector, robotic machining equipment can be used to: reverse engineer to create replicas and design and create undefined shapes.

Significant reduction in sculpting time, ease of duplicating, enlarging or reducing the model, milling a wide range of materials and part volumes with flexibility, more affordable and adaptable, lower costs; these are the advantages of robotic milling.