Robot manufacturer KUKA has joined forces with EVO 3D to increase the selection of EVO TECH 3D robot printing cells. For high throughputs and large-scale manufacturing, the range offers a 3D printing solution for granule 3D printing with various robots, extruders and software configurations. Ai Build, Dyze Design, ADAXIS and REV3RD are partners of KUKA.

The large-scale 3D printing company and the Franco-Swedish robotics software company “have been carefully selected” to add their products to EVO 3D’s already strong EVO TECH 3D Robot Printing Cell range, the company says.

EVO 3D aims to set itself apart from the competition by offering a complete 360-degree response to customer demands. It attracts customers such as the National Manufacturing Institute of Scotland, Cambridge University and the London Electric Vehicle Company because it offers objective advice and technical assistance to its clientele. Since its debut in 2021, EVO 3D has raised £250,000 to grow. More recently, the company established a partnership with Evolution Sales and Marketing to enhance its 3D printing services.

Compared to filament-based options, pellet 3D printing has a number of advantages, including higher throughput, access to a wider range of polymers and lower material prices. In April 2022, EVO 3D introduced its pellet robotic printing service, using a collection of devices created in collaboration with KUKA, Ai Build and Dyze. Powder-coated building plates of different sizes that can be extruded quickly serve as raw materials.

The huge heat zones of the machines’ pellet extruders produced about 100 times the output of normal fused deposition modelling (FDM) 3D printers at the time of their introduction. Customers could also make unique composite polymers, even from environmentally friendly recycled material, by combining multiple pellets and adding colours, additives and reinforcing fibres.

EVO 3D has been working hard to introduce its robotic pellet 3D printing solutions, with Chemnitz University of Technology as the first customer. It has collaborated with ADAXIS, REV3RD and KUKA, as well as ABB and Fanuc, to expand its automated 4D pellet printing solution. Its AdaOne platform, which is interoperable with several brands, offers multi-axis simulation and route planning functions.

REV3RD specialises in large-scale 3D printing of recyclable materials. It has created its own 3D printers that use industrial CNC motion control systems and servo motors on all axes to improve speed and reliability. It also sells high-performance pellet extruders capable of producing up to 40 kg per hour. EVO 3D has been able to expand its robotic 3D pellet printing offering by bringing its Tiny but Mighty, Long Arm and Long Arm Heavy products to market in collaboration with its partners. These items have been replaced by the Long Arm Pulsar, Extended Arm REV3ND, Strong Arm RER3RD and Sliding Arm CEAD variants of the Long Arm Pulsar.

Each is equipped with Dyze, REV3RD and CEAD extruders and has a different capacity and extrusion speed, allowing customers to select the one that best suits their project requirements.

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